Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hippity Hop, the Kids are on the hunt

Do you remember the Easter Hot Cross Buns post from last week? Well I didn't mention that there was a part 2 bursting with Easter ideas...

Allison from Cupcake Couture is a very talented mum who happens to be in my mother's group. After putting her 4 boys through all 3 versions of my hot cross bun recipes (they took their taste testing job very seriously!), she was keen to host an Easter celebration for our "cheeky monkey" mother's group.

She certainly has an eye for designing a dessert table and being a very 'hands on' mum meant that there were fun activities for the kids to do as well. She bought these Easter egg hangings from Target - how cute do they look on a tree branch?

Vanilla Cake with white chocolate panels, mini Easter eggs and marshmallows - the kids (and mummies) loved it!

Here's what she said about the day...

"I just love Easter – for us it is a time of thankfulness, family and fun".

Allison's very beautiful Easter table

Vanilla cupcakes from Cupcake Couture

Buckets from Sweet Little Birdy
The gorgeous pink buckets (from Sweet Little Birdy's very popular turntables) were great to hold the Easter egg cake pops and macarons from Cupcake Couture.
"I am also a big believer in creating excitement and making memories for our children through family traditions, and one of our most beloved traditions is our annual Easter Egg Hunt."

"This year I thought I’d share that fun by hosting an Easter Party with my Mother’s Group with an Easter Egg Hunt for the kids. Everyone brought something to contribute and together we made a gorgeous table, serving cupcakes, macarons, Hot Cross Buns, fruit, cake pops and popcorn."

The Hot Cross buns from last week's post and fresh fruit in compote bowls from Sweet Little Birdy.

"The kids had such a fun time searching for their chocolate eggs, playing together and enjoying all the wonderful treats. It was such a special time!"

Don't they all look a bit too cheeky! At the end of the morning, I can attest to a group of very happy, sugar high cheeky monkeys who were thrilled that the Easter Bunny had visited and left them some Easter eggs to take home!

Sweet Little Birdy has a lot of the things we used in stock, why not have a browse through the online store and organise an Easter celebration for your mother's group? Dessert tables don't have to be expensive (we all brought something) nor reserved for special occasions. Allison from Cupcake Couture showed us how easy and fun it can be to put together. We think she did a fantastic job!


Pink buckets (Turntable with buckets) and compote bowls: Sweet Little Birdy
Sweets and treats: Cupcake Couture
Platters: Occasions by Design
Free Printables: Catch my Party
Cake Stand: Tracey Lau

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