Saturday, February 25, 2012

Harry Potter Party!!! (Posted by Tara)

No Harry Potter party would be complete without Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans!

In November last year it was our Mr 7’s birthday ~ and to celebrate we held a Harry Potter inspired party!!!  I have always been a HUGE HP fan, and thanks to Lego so is the birthday boy!!!  This theme was SO MUCH FUN to do ~ from sourcing props to googling candy types featured in the books and movies, to painting the backdrop…  SO… MUCH… FUN… I could do this theme over and over … and over!!!

Chocolate frogs and magic wands!

Butterbeer and take home treats!

Fizzing Whizzbees, Dumbledores favourite lemon drops and ton-tongue toffee!

Swizzles and Droobles Best Blowing Gum

Jelly slugs!!!

So excited the day I found these old books in a book store! I think I squealed out loud!!!

Backdrop designed and painted by Mr Sweet Little Birdy!

Cauldron cake that lit up and steamed!!! Made by me!!!  

Styling by Sweet Little Birdy
Photography: Red Door Photography
Custom bunting: Giggleberry Creations (available at from Sweet Little Birdy here)
Cupcake toppers and wraps: Simply Incraftible
Buffet labels: Creative Little Stars
Chocolate wrappers: Style Me Gorgeous
Swizzle sticks, lollipops and cake stand (that the cauldron cake is on): The Little Big Company
Bags for Bertie Botts beans: Sharnel Dollar Designs
Favour Packaging: Candy Soirees gelato stripe boxes available from Sweet Little Birdy

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Behind the scenes of Sweet Little Birdy's Easter Shoot (Posted by Val)

Do you love dessert tables as much as I do? I love the way the table is styled to match the food, accessories and backdrop. I am known to frequently stare at photos for many passing minutes whilst I try to absorb all the creative ideas. So when Tara from Sweet Little Birdy asked if I would like to come along to her Easter Shoot, I jumped at the opportunity.

                                                  Pinned Image
The city girl in me nervously typed in the address of a countryside location she had never been too and started the kid-free car. The GPS held true as it directed me past green pastures, cows, horses, big acre properties and down a dirt track to a barn (yes a barn!) decorated into the most beautiful Easter scene.

Here is a picture of the lovely Leighsa (from Michelle-Leigh Photography) helping Hannah (from Divine Drops) hang some pretty tissue pom poms and so trendy doiley lanterns.

The friendly girls, Rach and Bec, from Sapphire Designs set up a bright and cheery centrepiece of flowers in a 3 tiered cake shape, complete with fondant cake topper by The Cake Princess ... I have never thought of that! How cute would that look in any girly party as a centrepiece?
Sapphire Designs

Have you met Tara from Sweet Little Birdy? There are very few pictures of her on her website, so I thought there would have to be one in my blog - she never ceases to amaze me with her creativity.

I can't wait for Easter because I am so going to copy these ideas...

Mousse in chocolate eggs!
Lindt bunnies!

As you well know if you have done a dessert table before, it definitely becomes a family affair. Here is the very handsome Mr J, Tara's eldest son who was so helpful on the day. The other photo is the adorable Mr C, Tara's middle son (dressed in Billynmoo clothing) who is having a 'rest' before the festivities start... sooo adorable!

And here it is, the ever so pretty Easter dessert table by Sweet Little Birdy. Do you see those egg shell cups? There are tea light candles in them! Those Easter eggs and marshmallows on bamboo skewer sticks are another party idea that can be used in many different ways on party tables.

Styled by Sweet Little Birdy

But by far, my favourite moment was when the kids arrived and headed straight for the table. I think they showed a lot of restraint by not touching anything.

(Find the turntables with buckets here)

The cute labels are by Style Me Gorgeous. I have seen her work in several dessert tables and love her magical work on the computer.

Easter is a very symbolic day to Christians celebrating the resurrection of our Saviour Jesus Christ. I can just imagine Jesus having a giggle as he saw these little kids eyes open in wonder at the Easter festivities that happened on this beautiful green acreage.
                                     Pinned Image
                                        Source: Pinterest

Don't forget to check out the March edition of Peekaboo Magazine for more photos and details of all the products and companies involved in this very special Easter Shoot by Sweet Little Birdy .

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Businesses involved in the Sweet Little Birdy Easter Shoot

Styling by Sweet Little Birdy
Party printables by Style Me Gorgeous
Tablecloth by Saffy and May Saffy&May
Floral design by Sapphire Designs
Cake Topper by The Cake Princess The Cake Princess
Invitations and signs by Little Flamingo
Felt bunnies and bags by Tied with a Ribbon
Wooden letters by Ryder loves Miller!/ryderlovesmiller?sk=wall
Children dressed by Billynmoo!/billynmoo?sk=wall
and Belle White

Monday, February 13, 2012

"52 reasons I love you"...Happy Valentines Day (Posted by Val)

"I love you today because..." is a line I started using a while ago with the Engineer. Mainly because we became so busy in our lives that sometimes we forgot to say "I love you!".  The sentences were pretty basic like "I love you today because you saw I was tired, took care of the kids and let me sleep in" but they were important because they emphasised how much we appreciated each other and that the 'little things' can make such a difference in life.
Photo by NFE Design

52 reasons I love you is a DIY book I found on pinterest which celebrates the beautiful day of St Valentine. Readers, how (or rather do you) celebrate Valentines Day?

Sweet Little Birdy did a Valentines Day shoot with NFE Design a little while ago and I thought I would show you some photos from that day. Don't these little girls look too cute baking away with Sweet Little Birdy products?

Spotty Apron

How adorable is this pretty pink apron?

Frilly Apron

I can just imagine using these when baking a cake, how cute would sugar and flour look in these heart shaped measuing cups from Sweet Little Birdy.
Heart Measuring Cups

Which would match perfectly with these heart shaped measuring spoons and red cookie cutter tin.
Cookie Cutters

Baking or not, whatever you get up to on Valentines Day, I hope you have a beautiful day with the special people in your life.
Little Miss R is wearing Tara K Designs, photography by NFE Design

As for me, the "I love you today because you made me a lovely meal" line from the Engineer became a frequent phrase in our home so we had to draw up some guidelines... ie creativity in the uses of sentences. So he started alternating between lovely meals and "I love you today because you are my beautiful wife".... well now I couldn't complain about that could I?

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Sunday, February 12, 2012

"You've got mail" (Posted by Val)

“You've got mail" is a funny movie with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. It also has a very catchy title and it was this phrase that danced around in my head as I opened an e-mail about a month ago. After reading it, I had a big silly smile plastered on my face. Why? You see readers, this particular e-mail was from the beautiful and bubbly Tara from ‘Sweet Little Birdy’ asking me if I would work with her? Yep… still have a silly smile plastered on my face!

My name is Val, I’m a mum, wife and Speech Pathologist (on maternity leave). I have 2 beautiful little boys, calm, patient and tidy ‘brown eyes’ and  also ‘blue eyes’ the 8 month old cute destroyer who right now is under me, pulling on the computer cables!

In my spare time I love baking and cake decorating. I’m just a novice with no real formal training but it's a hobby that I love!

Since planning my son’s pirate birthday party last year, I have developed a slight (my kind Engineer husband rolls his eyes!) obsession with dessert tables and was so lucky to be featured on the ‘Spaceships and Laserbeams’ blog for my son’s pirate party. So working with Sweet Little Birdy is so exciting because I get to talk about all things beautiful and sweet!

I juggle other balls (I’m studying to be Australian Breastfeeding counsellor – such a valuable service!) and like you readers, there never seems to be enough minutes in the day!

Tara and I have some very exciting posts coming up this year and we hope to show you some great products, events, customer submissions, recipes and most importantly make you smile and hopefully laugh in your busy day.

And if you are thinking of hosting your own pirate party here are some ideas from :

Polka Dot Portion Cups

Stripey red plates, cups and gift tags

Pirate Party Packs

Giggleberry Bunting

To finish, I’ve pasted something from my speechie days (I don’t know the original source sorry!) that always makes me smile...

Readers, is there anything particular you would like to know about in our upcoming posts? We'd love to hear from you!!!

Yours in blogging

Val x