Saturday, February 25, 2012

Harry Potter Party!!! (Posted by Tara)

No Harry Potter party would be complete without Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans!

In November last year it was our Mr 7’s birthday ~ and to celebrate we held a Harry Potter inspired party!!!  I have always been a HUGE HP fan, and thanks to Lego so is the birthday boy!!!  This theme was SO MUCH FUN to do ~ from sourcing props to googling candy types featured in the books and movies, to painting the backdrop…  SO… MUCH… FUN… I could do this theme over and over … and over!!!

Chocolate frogs and magic wands!

Butterbeer and take home treats!

Fizzing Whizzbees, Dumbledores favourite lemon drops and ton-tongue toffee!

Swizzles and Droobles Best Blowing Gum

Jelly slugs!!!

So excited the day I found these old books in a book store! I think I squealed out loud!!!

Backdrop designed and painted by Mr Sweet Little Birdy!

Cauldron cake that lit up and steamed!!! Made by me!!!  

Styling by Sweet Little Birdy
Photography: Red Door Photography
Custom bunting: Giggleberry Creations (available at from Sweet Little Birdy here)
Cupcake toppers and wraps: Simply Incraftible
Buffet labels: Creative Little Stars
Chocolate wrappers: Style Me Gorgeous
Swizzle sticks, lollipops and cake stand (that the cauldron cake is on): The Little Big Company
Bags for Bertie Botts beans: Sharnel Dollar Designs
Favour Packaging: Candy Soirees gelato stripe boxes available from Sweet Little Birdy

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  1. Oh how I love this party - the jelly slugs, magic wands and especially the cake!! Amazing work Sweet Little Birdy! xox V