Sunday, February 12, 2012

"You've got mail" (Posted by Val)

“You've got mail" is a funny movie with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. It also has a very catchy title and it was this phrase that danced around in my head as I opened an e-mail about a month ago. After reading it, I had a big silly smile plastered on my face. Why? You see readers, this particular e-mail was from the beautiful and bubbly Tara from ‘Sweet Little Birdy’ asking me if I would work with her? Yep… still have a silly smile plastered on my face!

My name is Val, I’m a mum, wife and Speech Pathologist (on maternity leave). I have 2 beautiful little boys, calm, patient and tidy ‘brown eyes’ and  also ‘blue eyes’ the 8 month old cute destroyer who right now is under me, pulling on the computer cables!

In my spare time I love baking and cake decorating. I’m just a novice with no real formal training but it's a hobby that I love!

Since planning my son’s pirate birthday party last year, I have developed a slight (my kind Engineer husband rolls his eyes!) obsession with dessert tables and was so lucky to be featured on the ‘Spaceships and Laserbeams’ blog for my son’s pirate party. So working with Sweet Little Birdy is so exciting because I get to talk about all things beautiful and sweet!

I juggle other balls (I’m studying to be Australian Breastfeeding counsellor – such a valuable service!) and like you readers, there never seems to be enough minutes in the day!

Tara and I have some very exciting posts coming up this year and we hope to show you some great products, events, customer submissions, recipes and most importantly make you smile and hopefully laugh in your busy day.

And if you are thinking of hosting your own pirate party here are some ideas from :

Polka Dot Portion Cups

Stripey red plates, cups and gift tags

Pirate Party Packs

Giggleberry Bunting

To finish, I’ve pasted something from my speechie days (I don’t know the original source sorry!) that always makes me smile...

Readers, is there anything particular you would like to know about in our upcoming posts? We'd love to hear from you!!!

Yours in blogging

Val x 


  1. Hi Val! I look forward to the awesome tips, advice, products and info you have for all of us :) I love that you are a mum just like me, juggling balls just like me, and yet you've made your hobby into something AMAZING! You have incredible talent :) I'd love to be able to style a party like your pirate party, and love that Sweet Little Birdy has everything we need to make it happen. From Ali B, an inspired mum xo

  2. Great blog Val! Can't wait to read future ones!
    Sweet Little Birdy is awesome - Im constantly on their site checking out what they have :)