Thursday, April 19, 2012

A day in the life... (posted by Tara)

I have been going to do this post for a LONG TIME!  I took the photos and started the post and just never finished it!!!  And it was almost 12 months ago!!! So here it is ~ late, but here ~ a day in the life of me, Tara Sarnelli*

6.30am Alarm goes off (and I groan)

7.00am Coffee time - even tho its decaf I still need to have it every morning! Husband leaves for work and I put a load of washing on, pick up the few toys still out from the night before and quickly check emails and facebook on my iPhone.  

7.30am The garbage man comes by and Mr 2 loves to watch him out the front window.


8.00am Everybody is up and its time to get lunches packed and everyone dressed and ready for school.

8.45am Time for the school run to drop the oldest boys off.

9.00am Back home and it's free play time for Mr 2 whilst mummy packs up the orders to be shipped and answers emails.

10.30am Decide to make macarons for the first time ever!

12.30pm Nap time for bubby (on mummy and daddy's bed). Mummy catches up on some housework and does some dessert bar quotes and answers some emails.

2.00pm Party printables - have some time before school pick up to cut some of the printables from Style Me Gorgeous that we will be using for a party.

3.00pm School pick up time.  Hear all about their day on the way home and every afternoon we have 'what was your good thing at school today'? and 'what was a not so good thing today'?  (and nothing is not an answer).  Today they both liked that they got to go to the canteen, but Mr 6 didn’t like that he forgot his hat and couldn’t play in the sun, and Mr 11 didn’t like that he had a hard maths question.

3.15pm Call in at the supermarket to pick up supplies for dinner - tacos tonight 

4.00pm Afternoon snack then homework time for the big boys
5.00pm Mr 6 goes to Joeys and I cook dinner.

6.30pm I go to Personal Training with Mikele from Trainwithmikele, while daddy serves dinner 

7.45pm Home from training and pack some products ready to take to a photo shoot in the morning.

8.15pm Finish the macarons - put the frosting in the middle and join them - they will go to work with hubby for his colleagues to enjoy (they get to sample all my trial runs).

8.30pm Bedtime for the boys, and I catch up on some paperwork before heading to bed at about 10.30pm

*Tara is a mum to 3 boys, a wife and the owner of, an online store packed with gorgeous party items, gifts and homewares... As well as their online store they also offer a dessert and candy bar service, as well as a party styling service, to customers in the Hunter Valley, Newcastle and Central Coast regions.  

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  1. Great blog! Very similar to my day, although I seem to sleep less hours at night unfortunately! Lol xx