Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Introducing our 4th guest judge

How have you been readers? Have you been riddled with colds and coughs like nearly everyone I speak with? Well the good news is that we're half way through winter. To brighten up your day, I thought I would introduce you to our 4th guest judge for the Sweet Little Birdy Party Table competition. I know you will recognise her from her styled dessert tables which have been beamed across the internet so many times.

Linda Harper is our 4th judge in the Sweet Little Birdy Party Table competition. Linda and her husband Andrew are the owners and founders of Harper Event Design, a vibrant event styling company based in Melbourne that specialises in exclusive weddings, parties, corporate events and gatherings. They also have an online store and if you haven't had a browse yet, I strongly encourage you to!

They not only stock party accessories but kids decor and some very gorgeous and original items for your bedroom and living areas.

Linda describes herself as a wife to her wonderful husband Andrew and a mother to 12 month old Grace. She has formal qualifications in Psychology, Marketing and Business Management. Linda grew up in Queanbeyan, NSW and moved to Melbourne 4 years ago. Linda's husband Andrew used to work for an event company in London for 7 years before they met which is where their love for starting an event styling company first seeded.

Linda's favourite styled event so far is her daughter Grace's Christening  - Linda had so much fun styling this event and I know many of you would have seen it featured on Amy Atlas Designs. I love the fact that Grace wore the same Christening gown that Linda first wore at her own Christening... I'm sure it made the event so special.


As most of you would have seen, Linda's most recently styled table 'Babushka Party' was featured on Marabous - Australia's Leading Source for Stylish Events.  So I was interested to know what theme Linda would love to style - Linda's response? Her clients have given her the most inspiration when it comes to themes and the freedom to create 'magical' masterpieces for them... well looking at her work, I know why!

Linda's 'must have' party products include a ruffle tablecloth, milk glass cake stands and great buffet labels to name a few...

As for her party tips? Be organised! Planning parties should be fun and not stressful. The more time you give yourself to organise the party, the more details you can incorporate.

Linda's advice for the Sweet Little Birdy Party Table participants is to do lots of research before creating something. She suggests grabbing ideas and then tweaking them to make them your own. But always remember that 'less is more'....Good advice!!

So what's next for Harper Event Design?  Well they are getting busier and busier! And therefore constantly trying to balance their work/life commitments (can we all relate?). Harper Event Design is now one of the preferred suppliers for some great venues in Melbourne and so they are moving towards building their corporate partnerships. As for each day? Linda tries to take each event as it comes and create something new for her client each time.

It was so lovely to interview Linda from Harper Event Design. I hope you got lots of ideas and inspiration from her beautiful styled tables.

We have one more guest judge to tell you about but in the meantime, I hope you're surviving winter and it won't be long now until your entries are due for the Sweet Little Birdy Party Table competition, so get that planning started!

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