Saturday, February 16, 2013

M&M party for a 13 year old! (A post by Tara)

My baby boy recently turned 13!  Yep, 13... as in teenager 13!!!  I can't believe how fast that tiny little 7lb1oz baby who arrived in January 2000 has grown...

To celebrate we decided on a M&M themed party ~ the perfect theme for his age... and as we figured this would probably be the last party he'll want to have at home and next birthday he'll be more interested in going to laser tag or the movies or somewhere 'cool' with his mates. 

It was such a fun theme to do, and Mr soon to be 13 helped plan and create the menu and the cake design. 

Mr Sweet Little Birdy (aka dad) went to Vegas for work and bought home personalised m&ms for the party ~ what a hit they were!!!

M&M mini donuts
M&M cupcakes

M&M marshmallows
Rocky Road
Hot Dogs and Burgers

And finally... we experimented with putting dots in the cake - with success!!!

An awesome party for an awesome boy!!!


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