Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sweet Little Birdy Party Table.. meet the judges

Are you excited about the Sweet Little Birdy Party Table competition yet? I know I am and we thought over the next few months we would introduce you to our guest judges. I know my jaw dropped a bit when Tara from Sweet Little Birdy sent me the list and I know you will be very impressed. So without further ado, here's a little bit about our first guest judge...

Louisa and Jason are the founders and owners of The Little Big Company, an online store that sells stunning party items, gifts and home wares. They started their store to cater for both little and big people. As well as their online store they also run a beautiful event styling business and their work has been featured on many popular blogs including Amy Atlas Events.

Many of you may not know that Louisa actually comes from an events background and has worked for a number of well known organisations including the Hawthorn Football club, Financial Foundation of Australia and even for a Politician in Parliament. She has significant experience in interior styling, event styling, event planning and visual merchandising and has worked on many large scale events including Miss Australia.

Louisa's favourite styled table is actually her daughters and what makes it so very special is, like all mothers, the hard work is worth every minute when you see your child's eyes light up. Creating those special memories is what inspires Louisa every day.

I was interested in what some of the 'ideal' themes Louisa would love to style and she said she loves themes that are 'out of the box' so to speak - a bit different, a bit whimsical but elegant with a bit of magic. Louisa loves things that create an experience that is memorable but also tangible.

Louisa is currently working on lots of very clever themes including the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (I love that book!) with Just Call me Martha as well as a few parties with some amazing props... so much to watch out for and glean some creative ideas for your table!

Louisa's "must have" party products include mini milk bottles, glass beverage dispensers, lollipops, rock candy swizzle sticks, paper straws, hanging decorations, glass candy jars, ribbon, jelly glass pots, paper plates and cups... oh so many things to put on my wish list!

Louisa's best styling tip is to come up with a theme that involves the party girl or boy. Something that makes it special for them! She also advises setting a budget, organising your supplies and catering well in advance as well as remembering to plan activities for your party. A good hint is to get your invitations to portray your theme but remember to always ask your invitees if they have any allergies.

Now I know this is something I would want to know if I was entering the Sweet Little Birdy Party Table competition so I have asked this question with all our guest judges - what advice do they have for participants? Louisa urges everyone to have fun and enjoy it! She loves seeing parties that are tangible for people to do but also gives people that breath of inspiration that makes them think... wow... they could do it for their wedding or their own child's party.

She felt that parties don't need to cost excessive amounts of money and the ones that shine are the ones that come up with creative ideas, details that can be handmade and have those certain creative and unique details that take her breath away. Sound advice!

The Little Big Company's first birthday is coming up and Louisa has given us the heads up as they have a few very exciting things in the pipeline that are going to be launched in the forthcoming months, so stay tuned! It was such a pleasure interviewing Louisa and I hope you got some good ideas for your upcoming parties. In the meantime, good luck and make sure you take the time to enjoy your planning.... because parties are meant to be fun!

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