Monday, May 28, 2012

Introducing our 2nd guest judge...

I know I know, the excitement has been building  hasn't it? I've seen the amazing entries that you have submitted so far for the Sweet Little Birdy Party Table competition and the calibre of party tables is certainly high.

So to tweak your interest even more, here is a little bit about our next judge....

Lilian is the creative director of Lily Chic Events, an event styling company that not only styles dessert tables but centrepieces, backdrops, floral arrangements, birthday parties, weddings and stylish dinners. Lilian and her husband also manage an online store 'Shoppe with Lily' and Lilian probably doesn't remember but I tried to order some items last year... what I remember most was the excellent customer service that Lilian had as she went out of her way to help me with my purchase. It's the little things that make companies stand out...

I laughed so hard when Lilian told me how they came up with the name Lily Chic Events. The Lily part was obvious but just remember readers... Chic is said as the French say it and not like the hen! Her work has featured on many popular blogs including Amy Atlas Events and Martha Stewart.

As most of you may know if you follow Lily Chic Events, Lilian is a busy mum of 4 (including twins) who works part time at Bunnings and spends the rest of her time being a mum and running a very successful business. She loves everything about nature, styling, swing dancing and watching Escape to the Country... who would have known!

Lilian's favourite styled party was the one that she drove 1.5 hours to style, 2 hours later packed it back up and drove 1.5 hours back home... yes you read that right. It was for a very special 5 year old boy with Autism and Lilian created a sensory party just for him after his mum contacted her. She donated her services and says that to this day, her heart still sings when she thinks of his smiling face seeing the balloons and dinosaurs and knowing it was all for him.

Lilian's must have party products include a photographer (she suggests delegating this to a camera clever family member if you don't have a professional one... because not everyone has!), a delicious tasting cake and themed invitations. She loves having surprises for the guests and guest of honour and she always feels the secret to a successful party is simple - it's one where everyone walked away happy.

Lilian's ideal party theme would be a barn wedding! As some of you may know, Lilian and her husband have just purchased a 1.5 acres property and Lilian is very keen to hire it out for weddings... now if her husband would just agree to it!

Lilian's best party tip is to not be afraid to ask for help. Everyone loves parties and loves to help. You don't need to do it all yourself - in fact doing everything won't put you in the fun relaxed frame of mind when everyone arrives and you're ready to celebrate for your guest of honour... very good point!

Now for some advice for my readers who are entering the Sweet Little Birdy Party table competition... Lilian's advice is straightforward and honest - only submit parties that have made you smile and your heart sing. These are the parties that always have the touch of something that shows through.... love.

So what's next for Lily Chic Events? As I mentioned before, Lilian and her husband have recently purchased a country property and Lillian is taking 6 months off to devote herself to the new property, much needed family time and study! She has just enrolled in the Preston Bailey Wedding Planning Institute. She plans to come back in January all refreshed for her first wedding event for 2013. But don't worry, Lily Chic Event's online shop (Shoppe with Lily) will continue to stay open, Lilian has heaps of fun sourcing new and fun party products. Goodness.... she is busy!

So if you haven't already started looking at the terms and conditions for the Sweet Little Birdy Party table competition... click on it now. There are 2 categories, professional and amateur and you must feature 3 products from Sweet Little Birdy. These are available from or from local markets that Sweet Little Birdy attends.
Good luck with your party planning readers!

Yours in blogging


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