Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Introducing our 3rd Guest Judge in the Sweet Little Birdy Party Table Competition

How are all of you going readers? I've been busy with birthday parties for my sons, however I have also been fortunate to attend two recent parties and entrants into the Sweet Little Birdy Party Table Competition. Both entries were beautiful and original in different ways and I know I can't wait to see yours!

Would you like to meet the next guest judge? Another take my breath away stylist that I know you will be excited about....

Thetis Sardo is the creative director and owner of Little Sooti which as most of you know is a Boutique Party Ware store and Event Styling company. I must admit that I have tried to copy many styling ideas from Thetis' tables ~ she has such an eye for colour and detail. Her work has been featured on many well known blogs including Amy Atlas Designs and Marabous.

LittleSooti started from Thetis' love of finding and using unique party decorations and, like most of us, she loved seeing amazing events and getting inspiration herself. The name 'Little Sooti' came about when Thetis' daughter was born 3 years ago. Her and her husband would often called their little one 'little tooti' (very very cute!) and so Little Sooti is a play on words born from the love of their 'little tooti'.

I love finding out a bit about the people behind these amazing companies and so here's the scoop - Thetis is a mother to 2 kids (Zoe, 3 and Luca 13 months) and they live in beautiful Melbourne. Like most families, they live in a home that they keep trying to find time to renovate and I'm sure you can relate... finding time can be a bit tricky. Thetis has always been interested in design and decorating and has over a thousand home interior magazines which she just cannot part with .  Something you may not know is that the Sardo family love travelling and have recently visited Malaysia. Thetis' top destinations are Paris, Tokyo and Egypt.

Thetis favourite styled event so far is the 'Eat Pray Love Family Luncheon' for Valentine's Day she did with a good friend of hers Li-Ann of Ham and Pea Design. It was featured on Marabous and Thetis loves it because she felt it really reflected her style. I love the earthy colours against the greenery, it is a breathtaking and original take on Valentine's day.

 Taken from Marabous

Thetis loves tables that have both simplicity and pops of colour. She loves putting tables together based on a shape, colour or design or even a mix and match of all of them. 

So what are her 'must have' party products you wonder? The moser glass cake stands which are both tough wearing (which certainly helps when using them in kids parties) and simple in style making them versatile to all themes. Thetis also loves her Kraft treat boxes and bags as well as her Sambellina products. Don't forget to check out her range, I know the bamboo plates and cutlery will tweak your interest as they are so versatile to many themes.

Thetis' best party tip is to try and buy as much as you can from one party place including your candy and party ware... I know I do, it not only saves on postage but ensures that all the colours and themes will match.

What advice does our lovely Thetis have for our readers entering the Sweet LittleBirdy Party Table competition? She would love to see something different  and unique.  

Before we let her go, we would love to know what's next for Little Sooti... They are rebranding and heading towards the exciting world of weddings and corporate events. But don't worry, they still plan to offer kids parties!  Stay tuned for the launch in Spring complete with a fun 'launch party'.

So what do you think readers? Do you like the photos? I hope we've managed to inspire you with - as Thetis would say - some creative and unique ideas.

Yours in blogging


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